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May 14 2018


Tips to get self-adhesive clear vinyl stickers printing with Premium Quality

Clear vinyl stickers have a semi-polished look and are waterproof. Because of their completely clear nature, they enable you to see through them, when they are connected on surfaces. In case you're searching for clear vinyl stickers, paper won't be any assistance. Clear vinyl stickers can be printed in a single color, two colors or in a full color processes. Clear vinyl Stickers  are an important segment of your promotional efforts. Vinyl is significantly more tough and climate safe than paper, making them perfect for circumstances where they will be utilized outside. Clear Vinyl stickers cannot be effortlessly torn - they will ordinarily extend if an effort is made to pull them separated. Regardless of where you anticipate introducing your clear vinyl stickers, you will get staggering outcomes when you try to utilize the correct sticker for the activity. Clear Adhesive Vinyl sticker show is an awesome showcasing marketing tool and great approach to improve your business. With the privilege design, Clear Adhesive Vinyl Stickers illustrations can enable your business to emerge from the opposition, increment your client stream and turnover hugely, while re-implementing your image character to hold clients returning on numerous occasions. When you put it on the correct surface, an unmistakable vinyl sticker figures out how to seem as though it has a place flawlessly while as yet getting the eyes of everybody who takes a glance at it. A basic, brilliant outline will give the decal a chance to fly without being excessively diverting. Our custom clear vinyl stickers are ideal for a wide range of various circumstances.


<!--[if !supportLists]-->·    <!--[endif]-->You can without much of a trouble print your own particular clear vinyl stickers with premium quality at home utilizing a couple of basic instruments. Once you've designed your stickers on the PC utilizing a picture altering programming, print them onto vinyl printer paper. Cover your stickers to shield them from water and UV beams from the sun. When you're done, simply peel off the sponsorship on your custom stickers and they'll be prepared to utilize.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·      <!--[endif]-->By using your inkjet printer and self adhesive glossy clear vinyl can create professional looking, clear, permanent clear vinyl stickers.

<!--[if !supportLists]--> ·   Determine whether your printer utilizes laser or inkjet innovation. This is regularly expressed on the front board of the printer itself. On the off chance that you can't discover the data there, allude to your printer's manual.

<!--[if !supportLists]--> ·     Get   sticker paper that is proper for your kind of printer. A few brands have particular items for inkjet printers or laser printers, while others are perfect with both. Most office stores will convey a determination, and numerous assortments can likewise be obtained on the web. Attempt to discover paper that fits your necessities. For example, if these stickers are for mailing envelopes, discover sheets that have been precut into rectangles.

<!--[if !supportLists]--> ·        Setting up your documents to make custom clear vinyl stickers is essential. Basically leave the zone that you need clear as a transparency layer in the background. At the end of the day, whatever is transparent in your document won't be printed and stay clear on your sticker. 


May 04 2018


How Stickers can help to Market Your Business

Stickers can be a great help to market you business. There are many ways you can creatively market your business with stickers. Stickers are extraordinary manner to remind customers about your business product and services. Your stickers’ creative & bold design can draw the readers' attention toward the business brand image. Stickers are the most efficient and cost effective promotional tools to get your message across in manner and increase your business. The utilization of stickers in promoting your business isn't just an inventive method to draw attention; it is additionally a great approach to make an enduring impression. Numerous organizations, whose only type of promoting is stickers, have seen an expansion in business by as much as 550%. The considerable thing about these stickers is that they can be effortlessly tweaked and this is likely one of the fundamental reasons why they have turned out to be so well known.

Type and Classes of Stickers in use for Marketing

If you say product stickers printing services are of any type then you are right, there is nothing that cannot be turn into stickers. You can think of any shape or size or style but printing companies can turn them into stickers. Printing of stickers follows the style of stickers’ usage. There can be any use of stickers and the printing stock used for stickers can go in accordance with that use. If you are looking for stickers who can be used for outdoor marketing or usage, you should think to get vinyl stickers printing, because vinyl stickers are weather prof and long lasting. All thanks to vinyl printing stock. 

Best feature to use stickers as marketing give you the edge to get maximum benefits from stickers. Because

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Stickers printing are possible in any design and size

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->They can be adhesive, self-adhesive and magnet charged

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->They can be place anywhere as well as you can replace them any time

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Can be easily read from anywhere anytime, you can get printed your message on any type of sticker in any style and size 

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Get product stickers are Highly Cost Effective

Best thinks about stickers printing is to have “Custom Stickers” according to the nature of product and brand

One of the most popular categories of stickers printing is Custom Sticker. Custom Sticker are used to promote a business or for personal use. Custom Stickers enable you to make stickers in any size, shape and amount. If you are also looking for some super cool economic giveaways, you can most likely think about custom stickers. Custom Stickers are cost effective, their cost start from the frictional of your currency. You can get custom stickers with some of its guaranteed features like;

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Custom size of stickers

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Custom sticker printing stock for indoor and outdoor use

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Custom ink colors with style variations and background

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Custom Printed design on it

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Custom shape of the stickers

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Custom coating and lamination, it can be spot UV

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Custom embossing and engraving effects as well as 3D features


Get the best custom stickers printing to make your products stand out among the crowd and use the best technique to educate your customers.

May 01 2018


Stickers Printing Techniques to Get maximum Results by RegaloPrint

Sticker printing is a cost-proficient approach to advance your business. Consider the following sticker printing techniques to ensure your places product or promotional stickers look as great off the press as they do on your computer screen. Custom stickers can often be an underused tool when it comes to promoting your business. For many companies, getting stickers’ printing services can be sometimes cost effective and in turn this may be thought to add color value to your brand. More often, people think that if the products are given at lesser rate, it can be of lower quality so it will devalue the thing they are going to use on. But this is not always the case, when you invest in quality stickers and labels, you can do so much for your brand and your marketing.


Stickers can come in a wide range of shapes and size and are appropriate for so many jobs including address labels, name badges, product labels or even window stickers. With so many uses for stickers and product labels, it’s easy to see how they can play a role in adding value to your brand. It’s not difficult to perceive how they can play a part in increasing the value of your brand. Such a significant number of various approaches to advertise your organization nowadays, there's no better method to give your organization a chance to emerge from the group than with stickers printing.

Provide details on Product Stickers

Don’t forget to add product details on their stickers or labels because stickers printing can turn into an extraordinary method to give extra data to your clients. A sticker can be used to highlight key information that may enhance the possibility of a sale. Things like contact details, prices and key product/service details would all be able to make them more visible to your customers

Custom Stickers are always a Cost friendly approach to market

One of the biggest benefits of stickers printing that it is cost effective. It can be a cheap and affordable mean of getting your message in front of your customers. 

April 25 2018


Make an Unshakable Impression on Customer in a Subtle Way through Customized Bookmarks

If your customers are book readers, then a sure way to capture their attention is through custom printed bookmarks. They can be used by all kinds of profitable business as a subtle marketing tool and by nonprofit organizations as a public awareness tactic. Customized bookmarks also make for great presents for friends and loved ones. Officially they are regarded as non-formal advertising tool used for marking your place in a book for future reference.

RegaloPrint brings you custom bookmark printing services to spread word about your cause or businesses or just to tell your friends how much they mean to you. You can have your bookmarks printed upon durable cardboard or elegant card paper with full front and back color printing. Your bookmarks can have matte or glossy finish depend upon their design and outlook. If you’re wondering how you can use bookmarks, following are a few situations that could benefit from them.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Bookmarks are ideal to spread news about coupons, discounts and event tickets.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Customer printed bookmarks can be used as motivational gestures for struggling students by teacher and librarians.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Poets, authors and scholars use them to tell their readers about new book releases.  They can also be used for giveaways or collectable.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Church and book clubs can use personalized bookmarks to make their attendants feel cherished.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Bookmarks can be used as an accessory to make your favorite book more special.

There are many other formal, promotional, traditional occasions where creative standard bookmarks make for an impressive and thoughtful gesture. Furthermore, your customers will not be irritated with a well-designed bookmark, as is usually the case with stickers and banners. Default sizes of standard bookmarks at Regalo are 2” x 6”, 3" x 7" or you can choose a custom size as with all our services.

At RegaloPrint you can give full reign to your imagination as we have the widest color and design pallets to realize your printing ideas to the point. You can always make amendments in your order and keep tabs on their progress through our 24/7 customer care service. RegaloPrint offers its clients most affordable range of printing solutions with guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction.

April 24 2018


Custom Printed & Sized Folder to Promote Brand Recognition

Documents and official papers are of vital importance to a firm. They require precise order and security to keep their contents from being misplaced, damaged or visible to unauthorized persons. Which is why you need folders to secure your documents? RegaloPrint, as it happens, is bringing you the folder printing options that will brand your documents for easy spotting and a professional appeal. These folders can be used for any number of corporate affairs from marketing to management. Your firm can choose more than one design options top get presentation folders for in-house and external use. Pre-folded, assembled and already glued, Regalo will have your folders delivered all ready to be used.

RegaloPrint understand the seemingly simple but important role folders play in securing your paperwork. Also documents saved in our printed folders are easy to categorize, sort and for setting aside for later review. Often ordered in bulk, folder printing services at Regalo are popular in our clients for their elegant professional outlay. RegaloPrint offers value added and high quality printing services for its clients regardless of the size of the orders. Our years of industry expertise, our commitment to the growth of our clients and high technology equipment we employ in our printing services helps us product stunning results. That’s why we feel confident that whatever folder printing services you might require with various finishing and folding specifications, we can provide quality and affordable solutions.

Our default sizes for folders printing are 9.5" x 14.5", 6" x 9", 9" x 12" but you can have custom sizes printed as well. Our folders are made of fine quality stock and you can add or remove pockets and card slots as per your requirement. We suggest the printing design of the folders to be kept simple with logo and contact information printed for professional outlook. But your client firm has the ultimate control to choose the best color, content, graphics, shapes and printing process. We offer free samples too if you would like to check over quality beforehand. Our customer support representatives are live 24/7 to attend to your needs during the duration of your order and afterwards too. You will have your folders delivered on specified time, without any shipping costs. For urgent delivery however we charge a little extra sum but still overall our printing costs are much lesser than the on-going market rate.

April 23 2018


Car Bumper Stickers Reinforce Public towards Company/Brand Offers

When our lifestyles are evolving at a rapid pace, our branding and promotional techniques cannot just lag behind. No doubt, many conventional media are still effective today, yet they are being used in innovative manner to grab the attention of dynamic modern man. When several products find their way straight to mainstream print and electronic media, many offers are reinforced better by peripheral means like car vinyl bumper stickers and window decals. After all, jam packed traffic is the most common sight of a metropolitan.

Advancement in print technology has opened a new arena of advertising. Custom designed vinyl stickers are being installed almost everywhere for brand promotions – vehicles being no exception. Full color prints and startling designs have enormously increased the demand of vinyl banners and decals lately. With runny traffic occupying roads twenty-four hours a day, car vinyl bumper stickers and window decals make the most looked-at sights at present.

Marketing and advertising is all about making maximum people get to know your brand. With a car vinyl bumper sticker once installed, one can transform one’s vehicle into a running advertising tool with every passerby eyeing the sticker consciously or unconsciously. These stickers, if not good for introducing company’s offers to the customers, do a good job in reinforcing them along with parallel campaigns.

Many people question the durability of car vinyl bumper stickers. After all, one does not want a torn or partially glued sticker hanging off one’s car bumper. Vinyl itself is a tough and weather resistant material that comes with a lustrous protective coating.  Custom designed vinyl stickers and banners are very long lasting and normally one does not need to get them re-printed unless one wants to make some innovations in the print. Vinyl stickers have acrylic adhesive glue on their back surface that affixes them on the given surface. These adhesives come in varying degree of toughness. Many good quality stickers have a permanent adhesive that lasts very long and is resistant to wear and tear by weather. Toughness and durability of vinyl stickers make them ideal for permanent or long term use.

Applying car vinyl bumper stickers is not a rocket science; neither does it require a professional to do the job. Anyone can install a bumper sticker with a little concentration. Before applying the sticker, one has to make sure the bumper is clean and dry. Dirt, dust and debris on the surface can reduce the adhesive capacity of the sticker and the sticker will not be applied smoothly. A clean, well painted and polished surface is ideal for a vinyl sticker. Secondly, before exposing the adhesive side of the sticker, one must carefully map its position on the surface where it has to be applied. Ideally, you may mark the spot on the bumper so that it does not get stuck out of place.

Generally, vinyl stickers are meant to be permanently installed. It does not, however mean that once installed, your car vinyl bumper stickers have become a permanent feature if your vehicle. If you want to replace the sticker a few years down the road, you certainly can do it. Though removing a vinyl sticker is not easy, one can do it with a little patience and technical knowhow. Best way to remove a vinyl sticker from car bumper without damaging its paint is to use a blow dryer. Heating and drying the sticker gradually will loosen the bonds of the adhesive glue and one can peel the sticker off with hands or a plastic spatula. If it leaves behind some residue, use dryer again to peel it off the surface. One can also rub the surface clean with some alcohol.

Like every other promotional material, car vinyl bumper stickers need to be creatively designed. Always remember this medium is a good reinforcement tool, not an information rich medium. You cannot make your car bumper look like your corporate brochure. A bumper sticker is a short and eye catchy yet tiny window to your product or service. It could be as short as your logo or at the maximum a small phrase or a sentence that reflects your corporate identity.

Increasing demand of vinyl products has made vinyl printing a lucrative business. Many companies are dealing in custom designed vinyl products. Before getting car vinyl bumper stickers printed, one can search for the samples of different companies online and read the reviews of the customers in order to settle for the best service providers in the town.

April 16 2018


Grab Attention & Get Some Cover; Avail Yourselves the Twin Benefits of Attractive Window Clings and Clear Vinyl Stickers

Window clings are an eye catching advertisement tool that captures your customers at a glance. Like if you own an apparel store and you plaster a window cling on your shop’s glass window panel that says SALE in prominent block letters, you are sure to capture instant notice from the by passers. But that’s not the only option.

Windows clings or clear vinyl stickers, more often being called as transparent stickers can cover your glass panels in a customized manner; you can use them to convey important messages or product information. You can also use for their twin advantage of blocking the view outside and simultaneously advertising your brand to the public outside.

If you aspire to obtain high quality, durable and vibrant window clings, then we suggest that RegaloPrint is the best option there is.  RegaloPrint is the leading custom printing service provider. The best advantage we offer our customers is free customization.

You can choose from variety of printing materials, inks and graphics to suit your industry and style specifications. Our printing and designing process is driven entirely by customers. You just need to tell our printing and graphics teams what you are looking for and leave the rest to us.

If you are new to the field than you can browse from our catalogues and let our CSRs guide towards the best window clings that will serve your advertisement and personalization purposes to the exact measure.

If you are looking for long lasting quality in your window clings, we suggest you use vinyl printing stock; yes clings can be clear vinyl stickers. They are more fade resistant and durable. You can have them laminated against the harshness of the weather.

Window clings are printed for various purposes and before you place an order for window clings, you need to enlist what those objectives are. Once you have decided that, the design, shape and size decisions are much easier to make.

For example, the window clings for cars will obviously be different from those of a store. You need to bear in mind that the accuracy of any order depends on the clear order specifications. As for our commitment to our clients’ progress we offer a bunch of free services, like free custom designing, proof reading, glossy or matte lamination and free shipment to your doorstep.  RegaloPrint is committed to deliver affordable printing services to its clients without having to compromise on the quality.

April 13 2018


Cake Packaging Boxes in Die cut textured on premium Quality Packaging Stock

Cakes and confectionery hold a special place in our lives, as they are present on every special occasion.  Whether it is birthdays, anniversaries or house warming, nothing is complete without a cake or pastries. To make the event even more special, customized confectionery packaging has become a trend and rightfully so, as it adds a personal touch to a particular event.

You can get any size and shape of a box printed from company that provides packaging boxes printing. One can customize it according to the occasion, for example, a birthday or a promotion and you can get the recipient and givers name printed with a message on it.

Customized cake packaging boxes are very useful for corporate events or giveaways. If you are a company who wishes to send its loyal customers a cake, pastry or some confectionery, it would be an excellent idea to get the boxes they are packed in customized. The company logo, slogan and name get printed on the box or your choice. It can include die-cut, textured, matte or glossy boxes depending on the company's budget and marketing vision. It gives an ever lasting impression on the customers and they become even more faithful and resolute about the brand.

At times, cake packaging boxes are required for birth, or wedding announcements. Again it’s very useful to have packaging boxes that are specific to cakes as the shape and material used is such that it will keep the contents intact. The box for edible contents is designed and made especially for that purpose. It is sturdy and has a customized size so as to not let anything slip away. It is important that a delicate item like a cake should reach the recipient in its original shape and form.

Look for a dependable printing service that provides timely delivery and high quality. It is a good idea to do your research before choosing an organization. Check out all the reviews and testimonials on the website and blogs. Also, look for any hidden costs or taxes that they might charge, you don't want to be surprised!

One way to check if an organization is reliable and efficient, is to talk to them online. See if their customer service is up to the mark, and that they are able to answer all queries.

March 19 2018


Classic Bottle Packaging Solutions for Beverage Companies on Affordable Rates

Bottles, especially made from glass have a reputation for being absurdly breakable so their transport and packaging is a feat in itself. One, that requires specialized knowledge and a sense of design to pull off the packaging of bottles, to make them come out both stylish and sturdy. So if you are wondering where you will find such an experienced and quality provider of packaging services for bottles within your designated budget, we have an answer for you.

You should contact RegaloPrint and we promise you will not look back.

RegaloPrint offers the widest range of printing and packaging solutions for a wide product range. We offer a wide range of impressive bottle boxes and packaging options for you to select from.

Whatever kind of beverage you are shipping; you can count on us to deliver best packaging solution for it. RegaloPrint can offer you the biggest yet stock of plain and printed carbonated bottles/cans, ale carriers and coffee or tea transit boxes packaging choices. The packaging for bottles may vary from single container packaging to a pack of for 3, 6, 9, or 12. Your beverage packaging bottles are protected from clattering with either cardboard dividers or by strong pulp moldings. Our bottle boxes have integral cell dividers for faster and efficient construction of the boxes for final shipment. Once delivered, these boxes are easily assembled and ready to use.

Still questioning why should you choose RegaloPrint?

Because variety in services isn’t all RegaloPrint has to offer. With us, you will not have to worry about things like the durability of packaging material. Based on your choice of packaging material, we can assure you that we offer you the best of stock paper material, sturdy enough not to damage in shipping process.

Our experience in the market makes us aware of the expertise require to design and ship one or multiple bottles. Our 3 bottles and 6 bottle carriers are a popular choice in our clientele. You can have your bottle packaging printed for farmer’s market, grocery stores and even gift packaging to wow your friends and families. Printing your bottle packaging leaves a signature impression on your customers, not to mention it makes locating your beverage in a storage place way easier. You can use colors and themes to personalize your bottle packaging as more often than not colors and attractive logo create long-lasting impressions on the minds of consumers. RegaloPrint believes in making long term relationships with its clients, which is why we offer them free value-added features and smooth service delivery.

March 13 2018


Online, Budget Friendly, HQ Customized Sticker Printing Service

Stickers are an effective promotional tool that can be used for both commercial and private reasons. They are an excellent way to promote your brand in your existing and potential customers. Reglao Print is providing you with an opportunity to have vibrant colored, eye catching stickers for your packaging products. Our stickers come in various shape and type categories which include: vinyl stickers, clear vinyl stickers, paper stickers, round stickers, embossed stickers, bumper stickers and window stickers etc. so you can use them upon multiple surface to fulfill multiple objectives. They are especially popular for to be pasted on jars, bottles, wine bottles, décor items, gift tags, car bumpers and books or magazines.

Stickers are mostly used to promote your business identification but often you’d see stickers on cars, laptops, cycles, office items or cell phones, those are used simply to create a personal touch to make something yours. RegaloPrint understand the need or the value of customization and personalization, which is why you can have custom printed stickers without any added costs. We give our customers the power to design or print their stickers however they wish. We only guide their orders so that the results are amazingly similar to what customer had in mind.

Our stickers are printed upon durable materials with custom finishing options. You can have your stickers coated with water resistant materials, which will protect your products against weather damages. The paper stock used for these stickers is high quality matter or UV high gloss adhesive stock that is available in both default and custom sizes. You can have your stickers printed on a roll or have us cut them to size for immediate usage upon delivery. As stickers are often ordered in bulk, we offer our clients wholesale sticker printing service packages for client’s convenience.

 RegaloPrint offer your brand the fastest turnaround time, you have yet experienced. You can get your orders delivered in 3-4 business days or as per the pre-specified time frame. Your orders shall be delivered at your door step free of charge. You can reach our friendly CSRs for any queries or problem resolution services. We offer our clients 24-hour live call handling and chat support to encourage open communication with our clients. RegaloPrint aspires for highest printing service standards and nothing but the best ever goes for our customers and their printing needs whether its human talent or technological tools.

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